Port of Portland: 06:23:04 Sat 21/05/2022

Marine Notices

These are the extant NtM for the port waters of the Port of Portland.

Notice to Mariners for Victorian State Waters and all Victorian ports are available on the Ports Victoria Website 

notice to mariners
Notice to Mariners 056(T)/21
Shoaling to West of Main Breakwater
Notice to Mariners 196/21
Lee Breakwater Light Amended in Position
Notice to Mariners 197/21
Main Breakwater Light Amended in Position
Notice to Mariners 240(T)/21
Harbour Masters Directions & Port Information Guide Extant
Notice to Mariners 352(T)/21
Sand By-Passing
harbour master notices
Harbour Master’s Notice 01-2018
No 6 Berth – Mooring of vessels
Harbour Master’s Notice 02-2018
K.S. Anderson No. 1 – Berthing of large vessels
Harbour Master’s Notice 03-2018
Swell Surge within Portland Harbour
Harbour Master’s Notice 01-2021
Prevention of Pollution from ships in Australian Waters
Harbour Master’s Notice 01-2022
Covid-19 Requirements*

*The Harbour Master’s Notice 01 – 2022 Covid-19 Requirements are to be read in conjunction with the Covid-19 Crew Health Declaration Form

For further information regarding marine notices please contact the Port office on (03) 5525 0900 during our business hours.

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