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Grain Services

Port of Portland (POPL) provides competitive Bulk Grain Loading Services utilising a combination of fixed and mobile shiploading equipment on Berth No.5.

For more information on POPL grain loading services and the allocation of services slots, see Stem Opening Letter.

Customers must sign a Port Terminal Services Agreement (PTSA) before applying for shipping capacity.

Daily Shipping Stem and Port Capacity

POPL Grain Loading Shipping Stem

POPL Available Capacity Table

Links to Applications and Forms

View the Protocols and procedures for managing demand for grain loading services.

1. Intent to Ship Application
2. Slot Change Request
3. Slot Transfer Application Form
4. Cargo Assembly Plan (CAP)
5. Vessel Nomination Form

Please email applications and forms to send email

For all enquiries relating to Port of Portland Grain Loading Services send email