Port of Portland:  10:31:50 Sat 22/01/2022

Harbour Masters Directions and Port Information Guide

Harbour Masters Directions

Harbour Masters Directions – Edition 2, Version 1.0 August 2021 is the current version. 

Harbour Masters Directions details the applicable rules and regulations for the operation of vessels within the Port of Portland. They are made pursuant to Section 232 of the Marine Safety Act 2010.

Port Information Guide

The Port Information Guide – Edition 1, Versions 1.0 August 2021 is the current version.

The Port Information Guide is to be read in conjunction with Harbour Masters Directions and provides information to assist with planning for a vessel call at the Port of Portland.

The Port Information Guide has been developed in line with the template recommended by the International Port Call Optimisation Task Force and the International Harbour Masters Association.