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Port Storage & Facilities

Port Storage & Facilities

General Storage

Storage areas within the Port total 50ha and are flat and readily accessible. Modern receival and storage facilities combined with efficient loading systems offer shipping turnaround times that are among the best in Australia.

Woodchip Storage

There are four export woodchip storage areas on port. Three open-air stockpiles consisting of one softwood chip stockpile and two hardwood chip stockpiles, and one undercover softwood chip stockpile. The Portland Chip Terminal (open-air hardwood chip and softwood chip stockpiles) are linked to ship loading facilities on Berth No. 6, while the GrainCorp open-air hardwood chip and undercover softwood chip stockpiles are linked to ship loading facilities on Berth No. 1.

Grain Storage

The bulk grain handling system is owned and operated by GrainCorp Ltd, which is responsible for receiving, storing and loading grain.

Undercover Storage

Undercover storage is available close to all berths. All sheds are accessible by road and mechanical handling equipment.

Port User

Port Users who have entered into storage/lease agreements with the port have been allocated areas where they can store equipment necessary for their operations on the port.

The following document contains more information:

Storage Details
Hardstand (open) – on site / 6 ha
Hardstand Quarry (open) – off site (approximately 6km from port) / 10 ha
Softwood Chip (undercover) 60,000t
Softwood Chip (open) 120,000t
Hardwood Chip (open) 80,000t
Hardwood Chip (open) 150,000t
24 bins at 2300 (non-fumigable) 55,200t
10 bins at 480 (non-fumigable) 4,800t
Shed 2 grain storage 20,000t
No. 1 Shed – 2550m² area
No. 2 Shed – 5250m² area
No. 5 Shed – 2550m² area
Storage (open) 6ha
Mineral sands
Mineral sands (undercover) 60,000t

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