Port of Portland: 10:01:36 Sat 13/04/2024

Exclusion Zones

Maritime Safety Victoria sets exclusion zones within state waters – extending to three nautical miles from the coast and including port waters. Only authorised vessels are permitted to enter an exclusion zone.

On occasion, Maritime Safety Victoria might establish restricted areas to prevent water craft and boats from entering and interfering with the activities taking place. Restricted areas are published on local and state notices to mariners.

Maritime Safety Victoria also establishes speed restriction zones (e.g. five knot zones) and no-swimming areas when it is deemed appropriate.

The Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) is the federal regulatory authority responsible for maritime security. As part of its initiative to increase and improve maritime security, DOTARS has the power to set maritime security zones covering land and sea.

For further information regarding exclusion zones please contact the Port office on (03) 5525 2450 during our business hours.

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