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Recreational Boating / Diving

Recreational Boating / Diving

The Local Port of Portland Bay is operated by Glenelg Shire Council as Local Port Manager and Waterway Manager on behalf of the State Government. All facilities, navigation and waters inside the boundary (see map below) are managed by Local Port Officers.

Local Port Officers operate an on-call roster for duty outside of business hours and also are on-call weekends and all public holidays. Initial contact should be with The Local Port or Portland Bay Manager or as directed by phone message. Alternatively, contact any Port Officer in an emergency.

Recreational Boating - Local Port of Portland Bay

New commercial fishing boats or commercial workboats (tugs, tenders, survey boats etc.) arriving should be directed to the Trawler Wharf and advised to contact the Local Port of Portland Bay ASAP. Berth fees apply.

Unauthorised anchoring in the Local Port waters is prohibited.

Contact Details

For fee information or booking enquiries, please telephone (03) 5522 2140. Further information is available from the Glenelg Shire Council website at:


  • Town Jetty
  • Boat Ramp South
  • Boat Ramp North
  • Trawler Wharf (commercial fishing wharf)
  • Swing Moorings and Aids to Navigation
  • Transit Jetty
  • Portland Bay Marina
  • Swimming Pontoon
Map of Local Port of Portland Bay

Recreational boats must obey speed restrictions and give way to commercial vessels. Mooring alongside commercial berths and anchoring at the entrance or approaches to the harbour without authorisation is an offence.

The boat ramp’s notice board has a detailed diagram about speed restrictions and safety information for small boat owners.


Recreational diving within the port or from breakwaters is prohibited without a prior permit from Port of Portland.

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