Port of Portland: 13:58:20 Sat 25/05/2024
Safety Environment Management Systems (SEMS)

Safety Environment Management Systems (SEMS)

Port of Portland has developed a Safety Environment Management System (SEMS) which provides a framework for safety and environment management for port employees, contractors, port environment and surrounding community.

The SEMS is aligned with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, Australian Standard 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

The SEMS identifies safety and environmental hazards and risks that result from:

  • activities planned and carried out by, or on behalf of POPL;
  • activities, services or projects over which POPL has control and/or is expected to have an influence; and
  • emergency conditions.

These activities undergo a risk assessment and decisions made on the need and form for controls through standard work procedures. Each work procedure provides a method of undertaking POPL’s functions and activities to minimise the safety or environmental risk.

Emergency Procedures

An emergency procedures manual is maintained by the Port of Portland Deputy Harbour Master to identify procedure in the event of an emergency. The Port liaises with emergency service agents to develop and evaluate response ability.

Emergency marshalling areas are located by a windsock at the 3 exits to the Port.

Safety in Multi-User Areas

An Incident Notification Investigation Procedure for Common and Multi-User Areas has been developed to ensure all safety and environment accidents, incidents, plant, equipment and infrastructure damage which occur on common and multi-user areas at the Port of Portland are reported and investigated with a consistent approach.

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