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Mission to Seafarers

Mission to Seafarers, located within Port facilities, provide a safe place for crews from foreign ships to rest, relax and find friendship and counsel in times of need. Crews can keep in touch with their loved ones through internet services and are able to purchase SIM cards for mobile phones.

There is always a friendly volunteer at Mission to Seafarers, assisting crews with enquires and requests. Transport is available for crew members, with volunteers driving a small bus. Please refer to the Shuttle Bus Service information below.

Mission to Seafarers is vital to Port operations, as Port of Portland is committed to the well-being and safety of visiting crew members.

Mission to Seafarers stocks a range of saleable items, including souvenirs, food, drinks and toiletries. 

Shuttle Bus Service


Due to a lack of volunteers, the Mission is operating at a limited service. The Bus Shuttle Service is currently operating on demand from 1500hrs to 2200hrs. Crew must call the bus phone 0400 620 453 for a pickup. Any personal shopping requests should be directed by email HERE

Port of Portland operates a scheduled shuttle bus service for crew members of visiting vessels to go to town and visit the Mission to Seafarers (located on the KS Anderson Wharf between Transit Sheds 1 and 2). Only crew members with Port of Portland crew passes will be picked up by the shuttle bus.  The shuttle bus service operates every hour on the hour between 11am and 10pm. If a service is required outside of these times, contact the commercial Portland Taxi Service on 131 008.

Further information is provided in the shuttle bus schedule below: 

To improve the shuttle bus service a mobile phone will be carried by the bus driver. If you need to contact the shuttle bus, please telephone: 0400 620 453.

Are you interested in volunteering...

Portland’s Mission to Seafarers is always looking for volunteers. If you can assist them, please contact Neville Manson on
(03) 5523 1244 between the hours of 11am to 10pm.

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