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Port of Portland - Port Development Strategy

Port of Portland’s Port Development Strategy was approved by the Hon Melissa Horne MP, Minister for Ports and Freight on 3 April 2019. This PDS replaces the Port Land Use Strategy published in August 2009 (August 2009 PLUS). 

The Port Development Strategy (PDS) is prepared in accordance with Section 91K of the Port Management Act 1995 (VIC), which requires all Victorian Ports to periodically identify and articulate capacity and infrastructure issues within the port. Ministerial guidelines have been followed.

The PDS examines a range of issues facing the Port in considerable detail and, where relevant, offers key recommendations for their mitigation or resolution.

A copy is available upon request.

Port of Portland Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP)

The Port of Portland Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP) documents the way in which the Port of Portland Pty Limited (POPL) manages safety and environmental risks, values and responsibilities.

The SEMP has been developed in accordance with the Port Management Act and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) Ministerial Guidelines for Port Safety and Environment Management Plans and builds upon the large amount of existing risk management documentation and knowledge which are entrenched in POPL’s existing operations.

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