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Port Entry Permit Conditions, Refund & Delivery Policy

Port Entry Permit Conditions, Refund & Delivery Policy

Permit Entitlements & General Conditions

Access to Port of Portland (POPL) security zone is permitted to authorised and approved Port Entry Permit holders only. Port Entry Permit holders must comply with all requirements as outlined in POPL’s online induction. By making a request to obtain a Port Entry Permit you/your employer confirms that you (the applicant) have legitimate work association with POPL.

A Port Entry Permit entitles the holder access to POPL for the term of the permit. Port Entry Permit coverage commences from the date your online induction was completed. Please apply for a Port Entry Permit prior to arriving at POPL and allow 1 to 2 business days for processing. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure their Port Entry Permit is always up to date and valid.

Port Entry Permits remain the property of POPL and will be surrendered upon expiry, transfer, or termination of employment with the authorised employer or at the request of POPL. Misuse of a Port Entry Permit may result in the cancellation of a Port Entry Permit and entry to POPL revoked.

Security at POPL is governed by the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003. POPL has an approved Maritime Security Plan which covers security-based risks to the port and the local community. The Port Entry Permit holder acknowledges that POPL, agents and officers of the Department of Transport and Regional Services, Customs and Security, have the right to inspect all Port Entry Permits and issue/request records at any time. 

If you believe you have witnessed someone misusing a POPL Port Entry Permit, please contact the Port Administration Office on 03 5525 2450.

How to Apply

Permit Types & Fees

POPL will, at its discretion, authorise the issue of a Port Entry Permit.  A Port Entry Permit will only be issued after the applicant has completed the POPL induction & assessment process in full. 

All Port Entry Permit fees are non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice. A Port Entry Permit replacement is available at full cost if your Port Entry Permit is misplaced or lost. If you require a replacement Port Entry Permit please send your request to EMAIL US.

*If for any reason a refund has been approved by POPL, each order will incur a $15.00 (incl. GST) administration fee.

Visitor Permits

POPL will, at its discretion, authorise the issue of a Visitor Permit for a defined period, usually 24 hours. When a Visitor Permit is issued, the person to whom it is issued must be accompanied at ALL times by a fully inducted two year Port Entry Permit holder and must at all times carry a legal form of photo ID to confirm their identity when inside the secure port area. A visitor must not conduct any form of physical work on site. For a Visitor Permit to be issued the following information must be provided: name of visitor, a copy of the visitor’s driver’s licence (unless the visitor is in attendance), in this case POPL must sight the license. All Visitor Permits must be returned to the POPL administration office, unreturned Visitor Permits will incur a non-refundable replacement charge.


All personal information collected is maintained in a secure database. Information provided to POPL for the issue of a Port Entry Permit is subject to handling in accordance with relevant Privacy Acts.  The consent of the applicant must be obtained in writing prior to release of this information for purposes other than POPL security.  Such purposes include periodic safety audits of the database, maintenance by authorised officers carrying out external security audits under the authority of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003, and authorised POPL administration staff.

Updated September 2022

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