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Community Sponsorship Program

Community Sponsorship Program

Port of Portland (POPL) is committed to making a positive contribution to the region in which we operate. Our Community Sponsorship Program aims to assist local projects/events that reflect our organisational values and positively contribute to our local community.

POPL will consider sponsorship that supports the following categories:

– Local education programs aimed at giving young people opportunities for self-development and community service
– Community welfare programs or initiatives that assist disadvantaged groups
– Environmental improvement initiatives particularly, but not limited to, those relating to Portland Bay
– Sporting Clubs and events that particularly, but not limited to, encouraging people of all ages and abilities to become more active

Initiatives POPL will not support include political or religious activities, individuals seeking support for personal projects or activities of a hazardous nature.

The Port of Portland Community Sponsorship Program is open from 1 April 2024 for funding in FY25. Applications will be received up until 30 June 2024Successful applicants will be notified after 15 July 2024.

Download a copy of our sponsorship criteria and application form below:



ESG represents to Port of Portland a mindset within the organisation that the business, its Directors, Management and staff will all work in an ethical and sustainable manner.

In adopting these principles, POPL recognises that it has a responsibility to do the right thing in respect to caring for its staff, customers, the broader community and the environment it operates in.

To learn more about POPL’s ESG and our shared vision for sustainable performance CLICK HERE  

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