Port of Portland: 14:50:15 Sat 25/05/2024
Safety and Environment Management Plan Released

Safety and Environment Management Plan Released

The Port of Portland Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP) documents the way in which the Port of Portland Pty Limited (POPL) manages safety and environmental risks, values and responsibilities.
Effective safety and environment management is paramount to the continuing sustainability of the Port of Portland’s business and its users, neighbours and industries which rely upon it. The adoption and successful application of risk management by tenants, licensees and port users is essential to sustain the Port’s business which will allow POPL to remain competitive.

The SEMP has the following objectives:

  • Promoting the protection of the environment and enhancement of environmental performance at Port of Portland.
  • A workplace that is safe with mitigation of risks to health.
  • Encouragement of safety and environmental awareness for all personnel operating within the port.
  • Continuous improvement and measurement of safety and environmental performance within the Port of Portland.
  • Promoting an integrated and systematic approach to risk management in relation to the port.
  • Establishing effective safety and environmental management systems as a key component of the Port’s business.

The SEMP has been developed in accordance with the Port Management Act and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) Ministerial Guidelines for Port Safety and Environment Management Plans and builds upon the large amount of existing risk management documentation and knowledge which are entrenched in POPL’s existing operations. The SEMP takes a ‘whole of port’ approach to the identification and management of the Port’s safety and environmental risks; this involves a risk-based approach to the analysis of all land and marine based activities within the port.

The SEMP is a live document which is subject to review and improvement that reflects changing circumstances and legislation, through regular review and revision of POPL’s Safety and Environment Management system.

Should you have any queries on this matter please contact Greg Tremewen, Chief Executive Officer, on (03) 5525 0900.

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