Port of Portland

New safety alert number: 1800 259 310

You can call Port of Portland's new safety alert number 1800-259-310 about any safety issues or poor housekeeping on port.
Or email us: safety@portofportland.com.au


Port of Portland is a deep-water bulk port strategically located between the ports of Melbourne and Adelaide. It is the international gateway for the Green Triangle Region, an area blessed with an abundance of natural resources.

The Port specialises in bulk commodities, particularly agricultural, forestry and mining products as well as aluminium and fertiliser. It has approximately five million tonnes in annual throughput, which is expected to grow to seven million tonnes by 2013.

The export trade includes grain, woodchips, logs, aluminium ingots and livestock, while import commodities are alumina, liquid pitch and fertiliser products.

The Port's close proximity to shipping lanes and deep-water approaches provides unimpeded access right to the entrance of the harbour basin.

The Port is served by both road and rail systems, which bypass the City of Portland to allow 24-hour access. It delivers $2 billion into the region and the nation each year - a figure that will continue to grow.

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