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Port of Portland offers another opportunity to climb the Corkscrew Observatory

Port of Portland offers another opportunity to climb the Corkscrew Observatory

Port of Portland (POPL) is delighted to invite the community to once again climb the iconic corkscrew observatory on Saturday 1 February 2020. 

In December 2018, POPL held a public event to officially open the then newly constructed corkscrew observatory.  The open day was a huge success with approximately 900 people taking the opportunity to tour the port and climb the structure. 

Port of Portland Chief Executive Officer Greg Tremewen said “this corkscrew climb will be a ‘free’ non-ticketed event – we have decided to do away with the ticketing system.  Instead visitors can simply line-up, register and board the next available bus.  Buses will run at 20 minute intervals from the Portland Visitor Information Centre and travel through the port precinct, prior to disembarking at the Smelter Berth, where a short walk of approximately 400 metres will be required to access the corkscrew”.

Bus departure times will be: 10am; 10:20am; 10:40am; 11am, 11:20am; 11:40am; 12pm; 12:20pm; 12:40pm; 1pm; 1:20pm; 1:40pm and 2pm. A round trip to the corkscrew will take approximately 50 minutes.  With restrictions on the number of people climbing the corkscrew at any one time, a strict timetable has been established.  To view a more comprehensive copy of the bus timetable, including return times, visit the Port of Portland website at https://portofportland.com.au/community/corkscrew-climb-2020/

Access to and from the corkscrew will be by bus only.  Pedestrian access from any port entry gate will not be permitted.  All enquiries regarding disabled and wheelchair access should be directed to the Event Coordinator, Janine Marra, on 5525 0911.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: Security at the Port of Portland is governed by the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003.  The Port of Portland has an approved Maritime Security Plan which covers security based risks to the port and the local community.  Access to the Port Security Zone is permitted to authorised visitors only.  Port of Portland is required to maintain a register of all visitors.  As you will be entering a Port Security Zone, all passengers will be required to provide their full name and photo ID prior to boarding each bus.

Greg Tremewen
Chief Executive Officer
(03) 5525 0900

Port of Portland