Port Security

Current Security Level for the Port of Portland is:




The Port of Portland has an approved Maritime Security Plan as required under the Maritime Transport Security Act 2003. The plan was officially approved by the Federal Department of Transport and Regional Services on 1 July 2004.

Security Gates
Port of Portland has three (3) Electronic Security Gates for Port Entry Permit holders as follows:

RB Anderson Road Gate Both entry and exit traffic allowed - NO PEDESTRIANS allowed
No. 2 Quay Road Gate Only exit traffic allowed - NO PEDESTRIANS allowed
Main Breakwater Gate Both entry and exit traffic allowed - NO PEDESTRIANS allowed

Waterside Restricted Zones

Security Level 1: No waterside restricted zone
Security Level 2: 100 metre to the waterside of the berth
Secuirty Level 3: As for Level 2, plus the entire water area of the port boundary

Ship Requirements

The ship's Master, prior to entering the Port of Portland, MUST report directly to the Port Control or via their respective Ship Agency the following:

arrow blue current ship security level or any change to the ship security level whilst in port;
arrow blue
ship Security Officer contact details;
arrow blue
list of expected visitors/contractors;
arrow blue
nominated provedore;
arrow blue
crew list and identification;
arrow blue
any security incident (as defined under the ISPS code or Maritime Security Legislation) whilst in Port.

Security Levels

The Federal Government has determined, and will declare when necessary, three security levels:

Security Level 1: Minimum appropriate protective security measures will be maintained
at all times
Security Level 2: Appropriate additional protective security measures will be enacted because
of heightened risk of a security incident
Security Level 3:

Further specific protective measures maintained for limited times when a
security incident is probable or imminent, although it may not be possible to
identify the specific target

In addition to normal security measures undertaken, additional security measures on the land and water may be implemented:

arrow blue if directed by the Australian Office of Transport Security; and /or
arrow blue the current ship security level is higher than the Security Level of the Port/Port Facility.

Additional security measures may include:

arrow blue No entry without a valid MSIC Card;
arrow blue Increased number of Port Security Guards;
arrow blue Controlled access to the waterside Security Zone and/or additional Waterside Security Patrols;
arrow blue Controlled access to Ship Security Zone and Landside Restricted Zone;
arrow blue Additional fencing;
arrow blue Random or compulsory inspection of all baggage/stores and vehicles.

Responsibility for the implementation of the additional security measures will be agreed via a Declaration of Security between the Ship and Port of Portland. The Port Security Officer must be consulted and agree with the security measures proposed to be implemented.

Port Security Contacts

Jason Sweetman (PSO)
Telephone: 0439 209 120

Shannon Curran (DPSO)
Telephone: 0438 680 679

Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC)

The law, as it pertains to MSIC is reflected in the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 and the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations.

The law says in part, on and from 1 January 2007, unless you are the bearer of a valid MSIC card you must not enter a maritime security zone unescorted.

For further details please contact the Port of Portland office or visit the following site:

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development



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