Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

Safety Alert Number: 1800 259 310

You can call Port of Portland's new safety alert number
about any safety issues or poor housekeeping on port.
Alternatively email us at: safety@portofportland.com.au

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Port of Portland Pty Ltd (POPL) is committed to protecting the health and safety of all persons in the workplace including employees, contractors, customers and visitors. POPL delivers this commitment through its Safety and Environment Management System (which we call SEMS) that is integrated with all POPL's organised activities related to services and people.

POPL will take all reasonable and practical steps to improve work safety conditions and priority will be given to areas of accident prevention and control, hazard control and removal, injury protection, health preservation, health promotion and rehabilitation.

As a minimum, POPL is committed to comply with all occupational health and safety legislation and other voluntary standards applying to POPL’s operations.

Occupational Health and Safety is an individual and shared responsibility of all employees, contractors, customers and visitors. Acceptance of the following responsibilities is essential to success of the policy.

POPL MANAGEMENT is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Integration of occupational health and safety into all aspects of the workplace.
  • Communication about occupational health and safety as an integral part of work.
  • The development, implementation and monitoring of an occupational health and safety system.
  • Maintaining a risk management system to appropriately control risks in the workplace.

ALL POPL EMPLOYEES are responsible for:

  • Working in a healthy and safe manner at all times.
  • Encouraging others to work in a healthy and safe manner.
  • Co-operating and supporting POPL Management and the occupational health and safety representatives in promoting occuational health and safety in the workplace.
  • Reporting and addressing unsafe conditions that come to their attention.
  • Being fit for work.

The POPL Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Committee will:

  • Work to ensure that occupational health and safety in the workplace is effectively managed.
  • In conjunction with this policy a series of site rules, procedures, programs and policy statements on specific health and safety matters will be issued.

Greg Tremewen
Chief Executive Officer
18 June 2018

POPL's Drug & Alcohol Policy and Procedure

Port of Portland's drug and alcohol policy and procedure sets out the principles that guide the port's management of alcohol and other drugs by staff, contractors, port users and visitors to the Port.  It includes the requirement to comply with Federal and State Legislation.  All port users are subject to random testing regimes within common user areas of the port.

Port of Portland conducts random drug and alcohol testing on all port users. 

Please refer to POPL's Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure. 

pdf button Port of Portland Drug and Alcohol Policy

pdf button Port of Portland Drug and Alcohol Procedure

POPL's Safety Logo

POPL Management has elected the below safety logo as the statement which encapsulates
our aspiration for how we approach safety at the Port of Portland.

There is a clear objective each year of having zero lost time injuries to staff. In addition to this important target we aspire for all staff to be active in observing safety risks, speaking up about them and most importantly acting positively to reduce these risks. This has been reinforced in numerous safety meetings with staff where it has been made clear that any staff member, no mater what position, is entitled to stop operations if they consider them unsafe. Our view is that the safety logo reinforces this important approach. The telephone number advertises our safety alert telephone number.

popl safety slogan logo v3 2016


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