Environmental Policy

The Port of Portland is a bulk port providing both import and export services for a range of commodities including forestry products, mineral sands, aluminium products, grains, fertilisers and livestock.  Safe harbour and operating facilities for the fishing industry are also provided.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Team have a strong commitment to ensuring continual improvement of the Port of Portland’s environmental management performance. This commitment comes from the understanding that quality environmental management is integral to best work practices and successful business performance.

To protect and improve the state of the environment the Port of Portland will:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and all other requirements to which the port subscribes, including meeting obligations under the Port Management Act 1995 and the Port of Portland Safety and Environment Management Plan.
  • Develop and maintain environmental policies and procedures in consultation with employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, lessees, port users, government service providers and the Portland community.
  • Establish and pursue environmental objectives and targets that are designed to improve the environmental management performance of the port.
  • Apply measures to prevent pollution of the environment (e.g. oil spills, contamination of marine ecosystems and fugitive dust and noise emissions).
  • Ensure environmental awareness and competence for Port of Portland employees, contractors and directors.
  • Encourage environmental awareness and responsibility for all personnel operating on the Port’s land through the establishment of port user operating licences, contracts, inductions and regular communication through the Port User Group (PUG).
  • Maintain a certified environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004.

Greg Tremewen
Chief Executive Officer

18 June 2018

Safety & Environment Management Plan

The Port has an integrated Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP) adopting a 'whole of port' approach and including all relevant stakeholders.

The SEMP is regularly reviewed and is supported by an active safety management system and an ISO 14001:2004 certified Environment Management System.

A copy of the alt SEMP can be downloaded here.

Site Based Management Plan

The purpose of the Site Based Management Plan (SBMP) is to ensure POPL's expectations for all employees, port users, tenants and the community are not subjected to undue safety and environmental impacts.

A copy of the alt SBMP can be downloaded here.



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