The Port of Portland is the international gateway to the Green Triangle Region, giving market access for producers and manufacturers. Its non-urban setting makes the Port of Portland strategically attractive to customers with special needs, such as oversized wind turbines or extremely large machinery components.

Port of Portland is 100% owned by Palisade Ports Pty Ltd, an investment managed by Palisade Investment Partners.

As such, staff will continue to be employed in a range of areas, such as maritime operations, finance, information technology, marketing and business development, engineering, project management, community relations and safety.

The Port of Portland offers flexibility of working arrangements, career development opportunities and other benefits. Situated along Victoria's Discovery Coast, Portland is renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, beautiful bay and a range of outdoor adventure and other recreational activities within easy reach.

For general information about employment at the Port, please contact

Janine Marra
Executive Assistant
Tel: + 61 3 5525 0900
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Current Position Vacancies:

There are currently no position vacancies.



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