About the Port

The Port dates back to 1800 when Lieutenant James Grant sailed the Lady Nelson into what he named Portland Bay, which became Victoria's first permanent settlement in 1834.

From then on, the Port played a pivotal role in the economic prosperity of the region.

In 1945, the Victorian Parliamentary Public Works Committee recommended the Port be upgraded to help develop Western Victoria. It was officially opened in November 1960 and privatised in 1996.

In the coming decade, strong economic growth is expected in the Green Triangle Region and beyond.

Much of the growth will be generated by the harvesting of hardwood plantations. Other commodities that will pass through the Port will include smelter products, grains, fertilisers and a range of pulp, pitch and livestock. Mineral sand is another export earner for the region.

Port of Portland is 100% owned by Palisade Ports Pty Ltd, an investment managed by Palisade Investment Partners.  



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